Sunday, 14 August 2011

Google Search Tips and Tricks (Part - 3)

  1. Specify a site to search with the site: modifier.
    For Example: operators

  2. The above tip works with directory sites like and dynamically generated sites.

  3. Access Google Directory – a database of handpicked and rated sites – at

  4. The Boolean operators intitle and inurl work in Google directory, as does OR.

  5. Use the site: modifier when searching Google Images, at
    For example: dvd recorder

  6. Read More!

  7. Similar, using "" will only return results from .com domains.

  8. Google News ( has its own Boolean parameters.
    For example "intext" pulls terms from the body of a story.

  9. If you use the operator "source" in Google News, you can pick specific archives.
    For example: heather mills source:daily_mail

  10. Using the "location:" filter enables you to return news from a chosen country.
    For example:  location:uk.

  11. Similarly, Google Blogsearch ( has its own syntax. You can search for a blog title.
    For example: eshikshak

  12. The general search engine can get very specific indeed.
    For example:  movie:surat to look for movie reviews.

  13. The modifier film: works just as well!

  14. Enter showtimes and Google will prompt you for your postcode. Enter it and it'll tell you when and where local films are showing.

  15. For a dedicated film search page, go to

  16. If you ticked "Remember this Location" when you searched for show times, the next time you can enter the name of a current film instead.