Sunday, 21 August 2011

Introduction to Social Media Optimization

You just started business or any organization, and people are not aware of services or products offered by your organization. Don't worry just using social networking sites advertise, promote and expand the business. You can achieve this goal by interacting with the people over internet. Mostly all the online business now a days uses the technique known Search Media Optimization (SMO).

All the internet users are almost the users of social networking sites, where we all just share our views and thoughts with our friends and relatives in various formats like image, video, audio. 

"Social Media Optimization is the newest optimizing technique that is based on participations of users and social mediums. Via social media optimization, your brand gets much more exposure and interactions with the target and potential customers or communities. Thus your organization's services or products directly reaches to the customers."

Does my website need Social Media Optimization? Yes, if your site:
  • Looks Good but no one knows about it

  • Does not have ample marketing and visibility

  • Low Search Engine Ranking

  • Has lesser Internet Traffic

  • Conversion Ratio is pretty less

  • Does not engage the visitors