Friday, 30 September 2011

Best Google Gadgets for Blog and Website

Google Gadgets are free which can be placed at define location our on blog. Its representation entertains the visitors also to expand the business, to promote the products or services on the blog.

1. Google Adsense

This gadget is vital for the blogger or professional to wish to earn from their blog. The blogger must have an adsense account, the gadget must be configure with this google adsense account. It will display random ads based on the type of Ads we choose. So that on the visitor's click on the Ads, will generate revenue for you.

2. Google Translate Page

One of the most exciting feature or service provided by the Google on April 28, 2006 in Arabic language for  the website or blog. Think that you want your website or blog should be read by all the people who their national or religion language, than Google Translate page translates any website or blog into the selected language. Thus, using this gadget makes us sure that our website or blog will now be read easily by all over the world.

3. Google Map

Google Map feature allows the user to know about exact geographical location of a given place. It offers street maps, a route planner for traveling by foot, car, bike (beta) or public transport and an urban business locator for numerous countries around the world. Google Maps satellite images are not updated in real time; they are several months or years old.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 was launched on 10 August, 2011 in India. Price of the Tabs – Rs.36200 for 10.1 inch and Rs.33900 for 8.9 inch . Both are 3G models. No WiFi only models.

  • Thinner and Lighter
Samsung Galaxy tab is the thinnest and lightest Tablet in the market!Being light weight is a very high advantage to boost the sales in the high competitive market against Ipads.It’s 8.6mm thin.And a brilliant 10.1” (25.65 cm) sized 1280 × 800 WXGA display (TFT LCD).The display features Multi touch and 4 way rotations.The display is better with richer graphics.
  • Multimedia 
On the multimedia part,Samsung Galaxy tab 750 is a lot enhanced.It’s got a High definition(HD) display. And Dual speakers to Boost audio performance with surround effects.These two features feast one’s eyes and ears together resulting in a wonderful multimedia perfromance.
  • Cameras
A 3MP rear camera.A 2MP front camera with HD shooting power to the rear one.The camera’s power could have been better.However it has a LED flash and autofocus and Full HD Playback @ 30fps features.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 750
  • Hardware

A tablet should not have a frustrating hardware specifications list which does not power the Device with speed and swiftness.
But there’s no worry when it comes to Samsung Galaxy Tab 750™.
 Better Multi-tasking

  1. It’s because it has a Dual Core 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.
  2. Gyroscope, Compass , accelerometer , Ambient light sensors make it so much user friendly. 3.5 mm Headphone Jack with surround sound feature is provided.
  3. 1GB RAM
  4. 256.7 x 175.3 x 8.6 MM dimensions
  5. Weight : 565 gram
Multitasking is awesome with such a good hardware pack.And there’s no more hesitation in switching between apps.
  • Connectivity

     Better Speed
  1. Bluetooth 3.0
  2. WIFI powered
  3. HDMI output
  4.  USB 2.0
  5. 3G HSDPA+ upto 21 Mbps.
  6. HSUPA 5.7 Mbps

Kindle Fire Tablet

"Hey now it's my turn to be in the competition of the Tab Pc", yes this are the words from the online giant company Which will compete with the pioneered company in field of  Pad  like Apple, Samsung. A on-line sales company stared in 1994, with the online bookstore retailer. In year 2004 became the online music retailer than the retailer of the online clothes, shoes and apparel in 2006.

It sells millions of items which ranges from A-Z categories which inculdes millions of  ebooks, movies-tv shows, songs and many more.

"Apple designed iPad but didn't make services"-  Amazon - CEO, Jeff Bezos. Amazon on November 15, will launched a tablet called - "KINDLE FIRE" a 7-inch device that will cost $199, as well as a $99 touch version of its e-book reader, dubbed the Kindle Touch, and a $79 non-touch Kindle.

 Amazon has tapped Foxconn to produce the larger model. China-based Foxconn is also responsible for manufacturing the bulk of Apple’s iPad.Another Chinese firm, Quanta, however, is manufacturing the 7-inch Kindle Fire. Quanta is also the manufacturer of the BlackBerry PlayBook, although it recently announced that it was cutting production lines for RIM’s tablet.

Amazon Kindle Fire display

The Kindle Fire will have a 7-inch IPS LCD gorilla glass display with 16 million colours. It was heavily rumoured that the Kindle Fire would be a 10-inch tab, but don't write this off for a 2012 launch. It's 30 times tougher then plastic, while there's 169 pixels per inch (ppi) - that's more than the 132ppi iPad 2 display.


Amazon Kindle Fire processor

The processor inside the Kindle Fire appears to be a Texas Instruments ARM-based dual-core OMAP CPU, though this has not been confirmed by Amazon.


Amazon Kindle Fire interface

The new Kindle tablet will run a special Amazon version of Google's Android OS - but it's not Honeycomb 3.0 it's based upon, but an early version of Android 2.x.


Amazon Kindle Fire apps

The browser is called Amazon Silk - it uses Amazon's EC2 computer cluster. Presumably this means Amazon will employ huge processing power (compression) to reduce bandwidth demand on the device and put more processing in the cloud. A bit like Opera's compression tech.


Amazon Kindle Fire connectivity and storage

The new Kindle Fire will have Wi-Fi, but sadly no 3G. There's also no camera or microphone. Surely Amazon will launch a bigger, better model with these enhancements after Christmas. There's only 8GB of storage on the device. so there will be a limit to how much content you can store.


Amazon Kindle Fire Whispersync

There's full integration with Amazon's Whispersync tech. As you read a book on any Kindle device or app, your current place is synchronised across all your devices. The same will happen with movies and TV shows now too.


Amazon Kindle Fire weight

The weight of the Kindle Fire is 14.6 oz - 413g. Amazon says that Kindle Fire is "small and light enough to hold in just one hand and carry everywhere you go".


Amazon Kindle Fire music, video and books

The Kindle Fire can access all the content offered by Amazon (so that includes MP3 and video streaming, though not in the UK unless it's announced).


Amazon Kindle Fire apps

There's also access to the most popular Android apps and games via the Amazon Android Appstore. That includes apps such as Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Cut the Rope and more. All apps are Amazon-tested on Kindle Fire.


Amazon Kindle Fire and Amazon Prime

The Kindle Fire will also come complete with a month's trial of Amazon Prime.

Social Media Helps in Marketing

20 September, 2011

"I was assigned the work of the internal exam supervision today, while playing this role, thoughts generated in my mind about social media. And how it can be helpful in business marketing."

Out of 100 internet users, about 70-80 users have social networking account on facebook, Google+, orkut, linkedln and many more.

The social networking concept was introduce right fromt the begining of the evolution of the internet. But the major revolution was in limelight with the entry of "facebook" over internet. Which not only brought closer our school & college friends, older colleagues, childhood friends and relative with whom we were not in contract form long time.

Social Networking made the world as close family. It allows users to keep update with their friends, relatives & colleagues recent activities as well as they are updated with our recent activities. This is for the individual person to be updated with their interested people, but how do you update your information | knowledge about the activities or objects you like. For example you are gadget-holic and you like iPhone, now can you tell the recent updates about your favourite gadget. Your answer is yes, "I am aware of it" - but not certainly, you might be not, only if you get messages from iPhone manufacturers.

As an individual we broadcast our activities in the same fashion an organization can have their accounts where they can share about their products or services. The company as user, will be followed by its users which enables the company to be in direct contact with its customer | consumer.

1) Launching of new Service or Product
An organisation can post the brief details about the new service or products manufactured by them. This allows to educate the consumer | customer about it.

2) Promoting the Service or Product
This is the best media for promoting the serivices or products about an organization.

3) Survey about the quality of Service or Product
You can have users poll on your recent services or product. Apart from this you can also get idea about introducing or updating the services or products.

4) Suggestion on the Service or Product
You can receive the comments or suggestions for the enhancement of the products or services.

This will really help an organization to serve their customer | consumer with the best quality service or product.

Friday, 23 September 2011

How To Promote Your Business On Social Media

social_mediaThere is little doubt that social media is truly revolutionary, the 6.4 million users of Facebook since Febuary-2004, the 2.5 million users of Google+, the glitterati-twitterati and the numerous bloggers who found celebrity by dint of their blogs, they will attest to that. Hence, as a small business, you will want to take advantage of this concept and try to get as much benefit out of it as possible, which in this case is marketing. While trying to do so, you would want to also ensure that you don’t come across as a desperate company that is bent upon hooking customers every possible way. The trick is to maintain a fine balance between marketing and creating brand awareness, without overwhelming them.
Here is a checklist that will help you work out a social media plan relevant to your business and also guide you in your efforts to execute it.
Know What You Want From Social Media: On social media, brand awareness can go in either direction. rodin socialIf your social media plans don’t pan out, you can end up with a lot of unwelcome negative publicity on your hand. So, be clear about what you want to use the platform for, and how you intent to achieve it. Do you want to use it as an instrument to gauge customer reaction, or would you rather use it as a forum your customers can use to air their views and grievances? Unless you are clear about your expectations, your social media plan in all likelihood will remain a haphazard exercise that will leave you with zero ROI.
Test The Waters: if you are one of those people, still mildly bewildered by the very idea of Social Media (really, there is no shame in admitting it), my advice to you will be to take things slow. Pushing too much promotional information into their followers’ signal stream is a mistake that most businesses new to the space end up doing. You can start by building a blog or creating profiles in the more prominent social sites to touch base with your customers, then slowly ease into your interaction model. The goal is to lure in potential customers and familiarize them with the product, try not to go trigger happy (or more specifically in some cases, tweet happy), and inundate your followers with messages they’ll be forced to label ‘junk’.
Know Your Audience: Once you’ve established your presence on social media, it’s time to consider the different options you have to expand your outreach. Interact with your network to truly know them; if you find that more than half of your network is comprised of men in their thirties with a keen interest in technology, it is very likely that other technologically oriented men in their thirties will be interested in joining your network too. Venture out of your network and engage in discussions happening on other relevant communities, now that you have an idea who your true audience is, tech communities namely, give your business and network avenues to expand their reach.
Prepare To Commit: No business can have a successful run on social media if they aren’t ready to dedicate adequate resources and time to it. Adopting social media as a promotional channel will require that you have someone devoted to monitoring all the relevant signals and responding to them appropriately. The social media promotional model should not be seen as a stopgap measure, but rather as an ongoing process.
Know Your Place: Some companies tend to go out and out with social media, attempting to conquer too much without the right tools or ideas. This can be avoided by knowing where you belong and restricting your involvement only to this level. Hence, don’t get tied up with controversies. If you want to project a certain image of the brand, make sure that you do that with associating the brand with the right causes. Social media is an active and evolving platform, and one way to ensure your social media plan is successful is by taking part in causes that need not necessarily be of monetary advantage to you or your business. Generosity is greatly appreciated on social media, and rewarded too.
Keep Everyone In The Loop: All of your company’s employees are your valuable assets. Hence, when you are chalking out a social media business strategy, you would want to be sure that you are involving them as well. These are your best bets for spreading the word about something that your company produces or is involved with.
Learn By Listening: ListenSocial media is all about direct confrontations. This is the easiest way in which you can get close to your customers. Hence, when a customer has something to rant about, you must make it a point to listen to them and take that into consideration. A good leader listens more and speaks less, which is the golden rule with social media as well.
In the end, ensuring all of these aspects might not be particularly feasible, but the least you can do is to ensure that your social media plan at least comes close to the business plan that you have for your company. Don’t be overwhelmed by all these rules, as most of them will end up happening automatically when you are involved in social media.