Friday, 30 September 2011

Kindle Fire Tablet

"Hey now it's my turn to be in the competition of the Tab Pc", yes this are the words from the online giant company Which will compete with the pioneered company in field of  Pad  like Apple, Samsung. A on-line sales company stared in 1994, with the online bookstore retailer. In year 2004 became the online music retailer than the retailer of the online clothes, shoes and apparel in 2006.

It sells millions of items which ranges from A-Z categories which inculdes millions of  ebooks, movies-tv shows, songs and many more.

"Apple designed iPad but didn't make services"-  Amazon - CEO, Jeff Bezos. Amazon on November 15, will launched a tablet called - "KINDLE FIRE" a 7-inch device that will cost $199, as well as a $99 touch version of its e-book reader, dubbed the Kindle Touch, and a $79 non-touch Kindle.

 Amazon has tapped Foxconn to produce the larger model. China-based Foxconn is also responsible for manufacturing the bulk of Apple’s iPad.Another Chinese firm, Quanta, however, is manufacturing the 7-inch Kindle Fire. Quanta is also the manufacturer of the BlackBerry PlayBook, although it recently announced that it was cutting production lines for RIM’s tablet.

Amazon Kindle Fire display

The Kindle Fire will have a 7-inch IPS LCD gorilla glass display with 16 million colours. It was heavily rumoured that the Kindle Fire would be a 10-inch tab, but don't write this off for a 2012 launch. It's 30 times tougher then plastic, while there's 169 pixels per inch (ppi) - that's more than the 132ppi iPad 2 display.


Amazon Kindle Fire processor

The processor inside the Kindle Fire appears to be a Texas Instruments ARM-based dual-core OMAP CPU, though this has not been confirmed by Amazon.


Amazon Kindle Fire interface

The new Kindle tablet will run a special Amazon version of Google's Android OS - but it's not Honeycomb 3.0 it's based upon, but an early version of Android 2.x.


Amazon Kindle Fire apps

The browser is called Amazon Silk - it uses Amazon's EC2 computer cluster. Presumably this means Amazon will employ huge processing power (compression) to reduce bandwidth demand on the device and put more processing in the cloud. A bit like Opera's compression tech.


Amazon Kindle Fire connectivity and storage

The new Kindle Fire will have Wi-Fi, but sadly no 3G. There's also no camera or microphone. Surely Amazon will launch a bigger, better model with these enhancements after Christmas. There's only 8GB of storage on the device. so there will be a limit to how much content you can store.


Amazon Kindle Fire Whispersync

There's full integration with Amazon's Whispersync tech. As you read a book on any Kindle device or app, your current place is synchronised across all your devices. The same will happen with movies and TV shows now too.


Amazon Kindle Fire weight

The weight of the Kindle Fire is 14.6 oz - 413g. Amazon says that Kindle Fire is "small and light enough to hold in just one hand and carry everywhere you go".


Amazon Kindle Fire music, video and books

The Kindle Fire can access all the content offered by Amazon (so that includes MP3 and video streaming, though not in the UK unless it's announced).


Amazon Kindle Fire apps

There's also access to the most popular Android apps and games via the Amazon Android Appstore. That includes apps such as Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Cut the Rope and more. All apps are Amazon-tested on Kindle Fire.


Amazon Kindle Fire and Amazon Prime

The Kindle Fire will also come complete with a month's trial of Amazon Prime.