Friday, 30 September 2011

Social Media Helps in Marketing

20 September, 2011

"I was assigned the work of the internal exam supervision today, while playing this role, thoughts generated in my mind about social media. And how it can be helpful in business marketing."

Out of 100 internet users, about 70-80 users have social networking account on facebook, Google+, orkut, linkedln and many more.

The social networking concept was introduce right fromt the begining of the evolution of the internet. But the major revolution was in limelight with the entry of "facebook" over internet. Which not only brought closer our school & college friends, older colleagues, childhood friends and relative with whom we were not in contract form long time.

Social Networking made the world as close family. It allows users to keep update with their friends, relatives & colleagues recent activities as well as they are updated with our recent activities. This is for the individual person to be updated with their interested people, but how do you update your information | knowledge about the activities or objects you like. For example you are gadget-holic and you like iPhone, now can you tell the recent updates about your favourite gadget. Your answer is yes, "I am aware of it" - but not certainly, you might be not, only if you get messages from iPhone manufacturers.

As an individual we broadcast our activities in the same fashion an organization can have their accounts where they can share about their products or services. The company as user, will be followed by its users which enables the company to be in direct contact with its customer | consumer.

1) Launching of new Service or Product
An organisation can post the brief details about the new service or products manufactured by them. This allows to educate the consumer | customer about it.

2) Promoting the Service or Product
This is the best media for promoting the serivices or products about an organization.

3) Survey about the quality of Service or Product
You can have users poll on your recent services or product. Apart from this you can also get idea about introducing or updating the services or products.

4) Suggestion on the Service or Product
You can receive the comments or suggestions for the enhancement of the products or services.

This will really help an organization to serve their customer | consumer with the best quality service or product.