Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Four Cs that moves current and future world trends

In the past Channel(internet connectivity and broadband) and a Cool devices PC(Personel Computer) integrated to form web. But now two more Cs are added to this stack that are Clouds means Cloud Computing and Crowds (Social Media).

Cloud Computing :
Cloud Computing came up with various incarnations and now it is defined as business model innovation driven by inexpensive mass storage with high bandwidth support for smart devices. If we want to experience mobile feature, cloud computing provides on-demand computing service to access from anywhere & anytime.

Crowds :
With the age of the internet, its user role in terms of accessing, contributing, consuming and learning all have change. The social media have taught the world new practice and implement new rules and protocols for business trading. It gaint such as Facebook, FourSquare, Groupon, Google+ and many mare have change the social connection.

Earlier internet was limited to the PCs only, but with the growth and revolution in the mobile industry now a days it is available very easily over all the types of mobile phones.

Cool Devices:
In the begining PCs were only device to access internet, than came mobile phones with brought the entire world on our palm and now with the revolution in smartphones its now time of Tablet PCs, which will integrate Clouds and Crowds through Channels.