Thursday, 20 October 2011

Gujarat Light Earthquake 2011

On 20th Oct, 2011 at 22.48 pm., Gujarat once again experience earthquake. It shivered all the parts of the state. The epic center is considered near 29 kms from Junagadh. On richter scale its measure 4.9. 

Magnitudemb 4.9
Date time2011-10-20 17:18:43.0 UTC
Location21.28 N ; 70.57 E
Depth80 km
Distances29 km SE Junagadh (pop 184,447 ; local time 22:48:43.1 2011-10-20)
15 km E Mendarla (pop 17,166 ; local time 22:48:43.1 2011-10-20)

As usual i was in front of my wifes (PC & internet). Sitting on the chair with both the legs on the table next to the monitor. Suddenly, i felt some one is shaking my chair than i saw the moving door of my bedroom, immediately went in the gallery in ten secs took back my position and again i felt that some one is shaking my chair. It was confirmed with my neighbour that we experienced earth quake. I stay on eighth floor of the building.