Sunday, 2 October 2011

Windows 8 - The next version of Microsoft OS

 "Windows" is one of the most popular OS, since it has number of flavours in the stack and the number is increasing year by year with the enhancement in the quality of Windows OS. Windows 7 is doing exceptionally good since its release, but Microsoft's consistent efforts for making it the next version of Windows with enhancement which adds quality features to new OS - "Windows 8" with awesome UI.

In last week, the Microsoft release the beta version of Windows 8. You can experience it by downloading the Developer Preview of Windows 8, which is free of cost. It is with the three following different packages. 
  1. 64-bit version – Only the OS
  2. 32-bit version – Only the OS
  3. 64-bit version with developer tools
Windows 8 Features

Windows 8 comes with large numbers of new feature right from the Windows Apps Store to beautiful UI and improvised security features and with much more improvements.

  •  Support for both x86PCs and ARM Tablets                      
    It is the first Windows OS that will work on both the x86 (x32 & x64) and ARM based tablets with processors from Intel and AMD.
  •  Windows To GoThis feature will allow to windows to boot from USB drive (will work for both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0) with even user programs and apps. But unfortunately Microsoft says  the hibernate feature will not work with this.
    With this feature of Windows 8, you will have your favourite OS always with you in your pocket with the requires files, presentation slides, account excel sheets and images, which requires a computer system with Windows 7 or 8 OS. Thus, allows user to access or work with the fils from home, office or free spot.
    The most exciting quality of this feature is that the Windows will get freeze automatically when USB will be removed, and if it(USB) is inserted within 60 seconds than Windows 8 will continue to operate.
  • Windows Store
    To be on the top of the technology list, Microsoft has launched a online Apps Store where you will get    all the required apps for windows 8, this is similar to Apple's Mac Apps Store.

  • Windows 8 User Interface
    Windows 8 has got a awesome & beautiful interactive UI, it designed in such a  manner that will show the most vital  imformation to you. UI comes with a   fluid and intuitive interaction and navigation with touch or a mouse and keyboard.

    Lets us see the screen shot of the Windows 8
    1. Windows Logon Screen - Unlike traditional windows can be unlock by providing valid username and password, windows 8 can be unlock by just tapping on the right areas of the screen.

Windows Start Screen

Windows Control Panel

Playing Videos in Windows 8
Windows 8 Task Manager
  • Internet Explorer 10
    Developer Preview of Windows 8 comes with IE 10, which do not support any support of external plugins and extensions, only includes Adobe Flash Plugin and Microsoft Silverlight.