Thursday, 6 October 2011

World now Jobsless

Name : Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple
Born :
February 24, 1955 San Francisco, California.

Died :  October 5,  2011 (Age - 56)
Education : Reed College (First Semester, 1972)
Profession : Ex-Chariman, Apple
Years Active : 1974-2011

The century visionary passes away after battling with the pancreatic cancer from mid 2004. The great innovator who made the revolution in the computer technology. The great silicon valley icon gifted the world iPod and iPhone.

"Steve Jobs is immortal for his contribution for the World"

1. Apple I

 Apple I (1976): Apple I was the first computer product designed for hobbyists and engineers, avialable in limited quantity. It was designed by Steve Wozniak, while Jobs orchestrated the funding and handled the marketing.

2. Apple II

Apple II (1977): The first PC (Personal Computer) Apple II was designed as a mass-market product.

3. Lisa  

Lisa (1983): Lisa is the inspiration of Jobs' visit to Xerox Corp.'s research center in Palo Alto, which led him to work on the first commercial computer with a graphical user  interfaceI(GUI), with icons, windows and a cursor controlled by a mouse.

4. Mactinosh

Macintosh (1984): Macintosh was invented as the GUI service of Lisa was very costly. Macintosh has rich interface and was also cheaper and faster. Thus, "Desktop Publishing" came into existence.

5. NeXT Computer

NeXT computer (1989): A Powerful workstation computer build at Jobs's Company. Which was never able to sell mass numbers. It created the world's first web browser, the browser is still alive on today's Macintosh and iPhone OS(Operating System).

6. iMac
iMac (1998): In 1996, Jobs returned to Apple, the very first time the PC(Personal Computer) looked beautiful with blue plastic enclosing both monitor and computer. 

7. iPod

iPod (2001): The first digita music player with hard drive. The iPod's success prepared the way for the iTunes music store and the iPhone.

8. iTunes

iTunes store (2003): Buying the digital music was very stressful, to avoid piracy and other issuse. The iTunes store simpliefied the process. It became the largest music retailer in the US in 2008.

9. iPhone

iPhone (2007): As Macintosh made the computer as Personal Computer System, the innovation of iPhone did the the transforming of the cell-mobile from communication device to a powerful smartphone device.

10. iPad

iPad (2010): Numbers of companies move their feets for creating the tablet computer, but finally iPad finally cracked the new category of tablet computer.