Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Google Works on Your Mobile

Google SMS (Short Message Service) enables you to easily get precise answers to specialized queries from your mobile phone or device. Send your query as a text message and get cricket scores, Indian Railways train schedules & ticket status, horoscopes, movie showtime, restaurant information and more …all through SMS on your phone.. Just text. No links. No web pages. Simply the answers you’re looking to find.

Google Works on Your Mobile - SMS  to  9773300000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            9773300000      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

This service is free within india, for using this service you have to just pay for normal SMS, which you people are paying earlier with your mobile service provider.

To use this service you have to send your query on 9-77-33-00000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            9-77-33-00000      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Query structure and how to use this service. Demo on Google SMS.

How Google SMS is different with your local search engine like, as it claims that no one know india better than us. In my opinion, Google will beat all it’s competitor as it has a largest database and a lots of people are used to google, They have already marked their business or home with google map. Google will use that information to search the desired information.

Second, Google in providing cricket, Direction, stock, Trains schedule, flight information and a lots of other useful information on a simple SMS and on that Mobile phones that is not Android Based or not a business class phones.

Some Sample Queries are as follows

Search Feature Sample Query
Local pizza andheri east mumbai
Cricket cri, cricket score, cri ipl, cri icl, cri ranji
Directions directions chowpatty to nariman point
Railways PNR Status pnr number
Train schedule train schedule 2926
Trains between stations train delhi to mumbai
Train seat availability train avail 1018 Bangalore to Mumbai on 24-04
Train fare train fare 1018 Bangalore to Mumbai for SL
Business Search restaurants indiranagar banglore,
flowers vasant vihar, new delhi
Stock Quotes reliance stock
Commodity Prices price gold
Local time time new york
Horoscopes virgo
News news, news big b
Movies movies delhi
Flight status it302
Definition define inflation
Weather weather delhi
Translation translate hello from english to french
Web Snippets web hubble telescope
Calculator 5*10/5-4, 1 kilo in pounds
Currency Conversion 5000 inr in usd
Facts GDP of india
Help tips

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Introduction to Social Media Optimization

You just started business or any organization, and people are not aware of services or products offered by your organization. Don't worry just using social networking sites advertise, promote and expand the business. You can achieve this goal by interacting with the people over internet. Mostly all the online business now a days uses the technique known Search Media Optimization (SMO).

All the internet users are almost the users of social networking sites, where we all just share our views and thoughts with our friends and relatives in various formats like image, video, audio. 

"Social Media Optimization is the newest optimizing technique that is based on participations of users and social mediums. Via social media optimization, your brand gets much more exposure and interactions with the target and potential customers or communities. Thus your organization's services or products directly reaches to the customers."

Does my website need Social Media Optimization? Yes, if your site:
  • Looks Good but no one knows about it

  • Does not have ample marketing and visibility

  • Low Search Engine Ranking

  • Has lesser Internet Traffic

  • Conversion Ratio is pretty less

  • Does not engage the visitors

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Google Search Tips and Tricks (Part - 3)

  1. Specify a site to search with the site: modifier.
    For Example: operators

  2. The above tip works with directory sites like and dynamically generated sites.

  3. Access Google Directory – a database of handpicked and rated sites – at

  4. The Boolean operators intitle and inurl work in Google directory, as does OR.

  5. Use the site: modifier when searching Google Images, at
    For example: dvd recorder

  6. Read More!

  7. Similar, using "" will only return results from .com domains.

  8. Google News ( has its own Boolean parameters.
    For example "intext" pulls terms from the body of a story.

  9. If you use the operator "source" in Google News, you can pick specific archives.
    For example: heather mills source:daily_mail

  10. Using the "location:" filter enables you to return news from a chosen country.
    For example:  location:uk.

  11. Similarly, Google Blogsearch ( has its own syntax. You can search for a blog title.
    For example: eshikshak

  12. The general search engine can get very specific indeed.
    For example:  movie:surat to look for movie reviews.

  13. The modifier film: works just as well!

  14. Enter showtimes and Google will prompt you for your postcode. Enter it and it'll tell you when and where local films are showing.

  15. For a dedicated film search page, go to

  16. If you ticked "Remember this Location" when you searched for show times, the next time you can enter the name of a current film instead.


Dear Google Users(Seekers)

Let us all study about how to make effective use of Google search service. Being internet user i don't remember when i saw the Google search page for the very first time, might be in the year 2000 when i joined to the Computer Science Graduation Program-me.

Since then Google is the my favorite site over internet, because once you know how to use Google it becomes easy to be the king user to get information or data over Internet.

I always share the Google Search Tips and Tricks with my students, especially with the first year students. When the search technique are shared and discussed with them all the students  come out with the same statement "Oh Google Actually works like this".

Hope you all will also come out with the same statement, once you go with the Google Search Tips and Tricks.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Google Search Tips and Tricks (Part - 2)

  1. You can also ask Google to fill in a blank. For Example : Action are Reaction are *

  2. Search for a numerical range using the numrange operator.
    For example, search for LG TV between Rs 15000 and Rs 25000 with the string LG TV Rs15000..Rs25000

  3. Google recognises 13 main file types through advanced search, including all Microsoft Office Document types, Lotus, PostScript, Shockwave Flash and plain text files.

  4. Search for any filetype directly using the modifier filetype:[filetype extension].
    For example: soccer filetype:pdf

  5. Exclude entire file types, using the same Boolean syntax we used to exclude key words earlier:
    For Example: rugby -filetype:doc

  6. In fact, you can combine any Boolean search operators, as long as your syntax is correct.
    For Example: "sausage and mash" -onions filetype:doc

  7. Google has some very powerful, hidden search parameters, too.
    For Example "intitle" only searches page titles. Try intitle:herbs

  8. If you're looking for files rather than pages – give index of as the intitle:parameter. It helps you find web and FTP directories.

  9. The modifier inurl only searches the web address of a page:
    For Example : giveinurl:spices a go.

  10. Find live webcams by searching For Example: inurl:view/view.shtml

  11. The modifier inanchor is very specific, only finding results in text used in page links.

  12. Want to know how many links there are to a site? Try link:sitename
    For Example:

  13. Similarly, you can find pages that Google thinks are related in content, using the related: modifier.
    For Example :

  14. The modifier info:site_name returns information about the specified page.

  15. Alternatively, do a normal search then click the "Similar Pages" link next to a result.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Google Search Tips and Tricks (Part - 1)

All the internet users in a day atleast use Google to search the information over internet. Generally the information seeker will click on the first link of the first search page. 

I like the Google Search Page because its simple and easy to use. Lets start gooogling, so do perform following steps.

Google Home Page

  • Enter your search topic or words in the textbox.

  • Now are the two buttons below the text 

    • Google Search : On click of this button, within few fracations of seconds Google will submit you the list of links as per your search words submitted in the textbox.

    • "I am feeling lucky" button on the text box will take you to the first link on the first search result page.

  1. Google's main search invisibly combines search terms with the boolean construct "AND". When you enter smoke fire - it looks for smoke AND fire.

  2. To make Google search for smoke or fire, just type smoke OR fire.

  3. Instead of OR you can type the | symbol, like this : smoke | fire

  4. Boolean connectors like AND and OR are case sensitive. They must be upper case.

  5. Search for a specific term, then one keyword OR another by grouping them with parenthesis, like this : water(smoke OR fire)

  6. To look for phrase, put them in quotes : "there's no smoke without fire"

  7. Synonym search looks for words that mean similar things. Use the tilde symbol before your keyword, like this: ~eggplant

  8. Exclude specific key words with the minus operator, new param -ebay excludes all results from eBay

  9. Common words like I, and, then and if are ignored by Google. These are called "stop words"

  10. The plus operator makes sure stop words are included. Like: fish +and chips