Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Google+ users get ready for the personalized search results

The giant search engine Google launches its new service called "Search, Plus Your World" , this service of Google will aid the G+ users to search the photos, posts and many more of you and your friends.

At Google, we always want to return the most comprehensive and relevant answers to your questions, and many times those answers are in the open public Web, but many times those answers are in your own personal content,” Singhal said. “This is the first time we’re bringing personal content right into the results page.”
With the time, Google is transforming itself as search engine, which was earlier bound to display the content on the given term but now it will understand people and relationships too. Google transformation as Social Search which comes up with the three main features.

1. Personal Results.
This feature will help to get information for you, like Google+ images and posts which belongs to you as well as those are shared with you, you will only be able to see it on your results pages.

2. Profiles in Search
This feature aids you to search people are closer to you or might be interested in following.

3. People and Pages
This feature will search Google+ profiles and Google+ pages on specific topics like product, service or area of interest details.