Saturday, 11 February 2012

Convert your file into different format through your eMail

There are ample websites available that serves for the conversion of the file into different format. You will find various online websites where you have to upload your desired file, specify the file format in which you want to convert it, once you upload your file in few seconds it will be converted into your required format.

Zamzar is one of the best known website for conversion of file from one format to another format. To know the conversion of file one format to another you can click the list.

Now, let us know how we can convert the file format, follow the steps.

1) Open your any eMail account.
2) Click on compose or new message button
3) Now click on the To textbox. (i.e to whom you are going to forward the email)
4) Over here we are going to mail our attachment to The email id will the name of destination file format followed by the
(for e.g - you want to convert your .doc(source file format) file into .pdf format(destination file format) to in the To textbox write or if you want to convert the .doc into .html than type in the To textbox.)
5) Now attach the file that you want to convert.(Maximum file attachment size is 1.0 MB)

Once you send the message to the zamzar, within the few seconds you will get a mail in your inbox from zamzar mentioning about the successful conversion of your file. On opening the mail you receive a mail from zamzar open that mail. In the mail you will find a link which will take you to the zamzar website where you have to click on the download button. On successful download you will have your file in your desired format.