Wednesday, 8 February 2012

FACEBOOK new photo viewer

Facebook is one of the best spot on the internet for sharing the images, years back it displayed only the tiny pics with low resolution. Last year in the month of febuary, facebook provided the lightbox photo viewing service and now the new facebook photo viewer is here in your account.

On the first sight you will find it similar to Google+ photo viewer and yes are you are right its clone of Google+ photo viewer. You will find the pic on the left hand whereas you can post the comments on the right hand side instead below of the image which was available with the earlier version.

Apart from this, you can rotate the image in left or right direction. For this you have to click on top right corner of the photo viewer as shown in the above pic, this will popup the menu list with following options. 
  • Add location
  • change date
  • rotate left
  • rotate right
  • download
  • make profile picture
  • delete this photo
(Note: if you're not seeing the new view yet, log out and log back in)