Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Know 10 things about Google Drive

Google, few days back has launched its Google Drive cloud-storage services that will allow the users to upload about 5 GB data on Google server for free.

So before you just start using this Google Drive cloud service, you must know some of its fundamental features.

  1. Google Drive is the newly cloud storage service offered by Google, it will serve its user to store online data with the mean of accessing them from any geographical location at any time, thus allow the user to create, share and collaborate all their stuff.
  2. Download a Google Drive application, the user will get a folder on his computer system, and simply drag and drop the files. All the data stored in this folder of your computer system will be on the cloud. Thus user can access this data from anywhere from or from other computers and also it includes mobile devices.
  3. Google Drive has gifted first 5 GB of storage per account for free. For additional storage space user has to pay $2.49/month.
  4. Users can further upgrade to 100 GB for $4.49/month and 1 TB for $49.99/month. Thus for the paid users it will expand the Gmail account storage upto 25GB.
  5. Download Google Drive on your PC or Drive app on their Android tabs or mobile phones.
  6. When you make any changes to the file on the Google Drive it will be automatically reflected(save) on any of your devices.
  7. Upto the give size on the Google Drive, users can have any numbers of files or folder, that they store on their hard drives, in a Google Drive.
  8. Google Drive includes Google docs, so it offers users to with others in real time on spreadsheets, documents and presentations.
  9. To start will Google Drive, visit the page loads with the message "Your Google Drive is not ready yet". So simply click on "Notify me" button, it states: "We'll email you at" (i.e your email address) when your Google Drive is ready to be used.
  10. Google Drive allows users to attach photos from Drive to post in Google+. In short time, Google will also allow users to attach the data from Drive to emails in Gmail.