Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Aakash tablet is upgraded on testing by IIT-Bombay : Datawind

Datawind a UK based tablet manufacturing company which is going to manufacuture the cheapest tablet of the world for the Human Resource Ministry of India. The company said the revised specification version of Aakash-II is under the testing phase at the IIT - Mumbai, the work is going to get complete by the end of the June. 

The Datawind company has submitted about 100 tablets to the IIT-Mumbai for the testing process. The HR Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal said that "Latest version of the akash tablet is under the process towards finalization of the specification and technology which will be completed by the end of this month".

The price of Akash tablet is Rs 2,276 a piece. Whereas, the government will give about one lakh tablets to the students at subsidised price Rs 1,100-1,200 each.