Thursday, 13 December 2012

What did the World search for in 2012 ? 1.2 trillion searches in 146 languages

You have enjoyed the last twelve months on the Internet, there must be a chance that you might have searched for a term on Internet using Google at least once.

"The Internet and "The Search Engine" gaint has revealed some of the key searches of year 2012. In its annual report of searching - "The Zeitgeist 2012", Google has mentioned global key searches by country.

On the top of the Google search report is Whitney Houston, who passed away in February and surprisingly, the second position in the report is Gangnam style, Hurricane Sandy, iPad3, Diablo 3 and Kate Middleton made up the rest top 5 position.

The top ten global search term.

  1. Whitney Houston
  2. Gangnam Style
  3. Hurricane sandy
  4. iPad3
  5. Diablo 3
  6. Kate Middleton
  7. Olympics 2012
  8. Amanda Todd
  9. Michale Clarke Duncan
  10. BBB12